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    Ball sizes

    Size balls

    Size 5 circumference 27 – 28 inches. Weight: 410 – 450 grams

    The size 5 is the ball that is the most commonly used soccer ball and is best suited for older players, ages 12 and older, including adults.
    For official matches make sure to use size 5 balls that have the “FIFA Approved” or “FIFA Inspected” stamp. This means they have been tested to be the official size and weight.

    Size 4 Futsal Balls circumference 24,6 – 25 inches. Weight: 400 – 440 grams

    An important feature of futsal balls is the low rebound latex bladder which makes it perfect for fast indoor play.

    Children's ball size 4 for playing on the field - circumference 63.5-66 cm, weight 350-390g. Designed for training and matches of juniors (8-11 years old).

    Lightweight children's ball: circumference 63.5-66 cm, weight 310-330 g. For training children's teams.

    Size 3 - for children's football, circumference 62-63.5 cm and weight - 330-360 g.

    Size 3 balls are used in children's football (under 8 years of age). The bladder has an "adult" construction and usually consists of 32 panels.

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